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Sustainable Cement Addressing "Gray Carbon” Through Eco-Friendly Construction Materials

Partanna Working to Make Us Safer, Have a Profound Impact on our Environment, and Upend the Cement and Construction Industry for Good


According to the World Green Building Council the “built environment is responsible for 39% of global energy carbon emissions”. It is estimated that 9% of carbon emissions comes from concrete production and use.

In 2018 the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) reported on the “gray carbon” vertical, stating, “Unfortunately, emissions from industry have received far less attention than those from electricity production, buildings, and transportation.” This 2018 report listed cement as one of the “carbon intensive industries” but stated that “in the United States, cement is less important, because we don’t have the scope of infrastructure investments as do some developing economies, such as India and sub-Saharan Africa.”

However, in 2021 President Biden signed a bipartisan infrastructure bill that offered over $1 trillion investment over the next 10 years to rebuild America’s infrastructure. This bill included investment goals for more resilient infrastructure that will address climate change and better prepare communities for “extreme weather events.”


Partanna, a new company founded with sustainability and resilience as their prominent objective, offers a new approach to concrete with a visionary and proprietary concrete solution that (a) directly removes CO2 from the air; (b) makes housing near water (coastal) more resistant to hurricanes and seawater erosion; and (c) is exploring opportunities to build housing in socially disadvantaged areas where the monetization of carbon tax credits they create can support more inclusive and extensive community building.

In 2022 the company entered an agreement to build houses in the Bahamas, where founder Rick Fox, who is from the Bahamas, has committed to addressing the housing crisis caused by Hurricane Dorian.

“Technology can turn the tide, and at Partanna we have developed a solution that could change the way the world is built.”
-Partanna Co Founder Rick Fox, November 7, 2022


As they grow and work with more communities, Partanna has the potential to have a profound impact on the amount of “gray carbon” in the atmosphere, but also to address affordable housing. By tokenizing carbon credits they obtain from the communities they build, they will be able to offer more affordable ownership models for the communities they are serving.

For More About Partanna:

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