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State of Arkansas Investing to Support Job Seekers and Skills Training

Private Sector Technology Partner Provides Citizens with Personalized Career Guidance

When the public and private sectors come together better solutions can be found quicker and reach underserved populations with the resources they need. In September 2022, the State of Arkansas launched a partnership with FutureFit AI. FutureFit offers a technology platform that supports public and private sector organizations reaching deeper into the labor market and simultaneously supports the people in that market with insights and tools to create a “personalized roadmap of learning, resources, and work opportunities” that will support career growth.

In Arkansas, Governor Asa Hutchinson is partnering with FutureFit to enhance the goals of their Ready for Life initiative. Governor Hutchinson described this partnership as “an example of how we can use technology to erase barriers to success for our citizens”.

Job Seekers and Hiring Organizations are encouraged to sign up on the Ready for Life online portal at:

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